Animal Control

We provide capable and experienced animal pest control; and whether squirrels are gnawing through your telephone wires or raccoons are tipping over your trash or pigeons are messing up your porch or sidewalk, we can help. If you can’t trap the wild critter on your own, we can, and our follow up prevention and future exclusion plan will provide you with complete peace of mind. Call A # 1 Pest Control today!

  • Bats – physical removal and subsequent exclusion
  • Birds & Pigeons – complete inspection followed by disinfection and removal of droppings, plus a variety of exclusion methods, including spikes, use of screens, and avacide.
  • Foxes – trapping followed by removal
  • Groundhogs – trapping followed by removal
  • Moles – trapping, removal, or eradication
  • Opossum – trapping followed by removal
  • Skunks – trapping followed by removal
  • Squirrels – trapping and exclusion, including nest removal, inspection, disinfection, and sealing up areas of ingress