Mouse, Rat and Rodent Control

Mice may appear cute and cuddly when locked in a cage, or seen in the wild, but as home invaders, they are harbringers of many problems including everything from mild damage to the floors and walls, to the much more serious introduction of dangerous illnesses into the home environment. In their constant forage for things to eat, mice will gnaw through just about anything, leaving tell tale round holes in plastic, cardboard, and other types of food containers. The stench of their liquid and solid waste can rapidly ruin your house, and most seriously, rodents are transmitters of dangerous and deadly diseases. These medical conditions include:

    • Riketsial Pox: Transmitted to humans via mites that feed on rodents
    • Food Poisoning: Caused by Salmonella, it is transmitted to man via food that has come into contact with the urine, saliva or feces of an infected rodent
    • Leptospirosis: Potentially deadly respiratory infection, which is transmitted to man via infected rodent urine
    • Tapeworm and Trichonosis:Dangerous human parasites that are transmitted via mice droppings.
    • Hantavirus:Serious and potentially deadly viral condition. It is spread to man via inhalation of dust particles containing urine, saliva, or droppings of an infected mouse.
    • Rat Bite Fever: Acute febrile condition caused by microbes that are transmitted to man via a rat bite.
    • Plague: Re-emerging disease spread by rodent fleas that transmit the causative agent from rats to man


How to Recognize a Rodent Infestation


Signs of a Mice Infestation

  • Holes – tiny roundish holes ranging from 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide
  • Gnawing – damage found along the edges of cardboard cartons and paper, which has been shredded by mice to create material for their nest
  • Droppings – cylindrical ranging in length from about 1/8-1/4 inch.

Signs of a Rat Infestation

  • Holes – rat holes found in different locations on your property such as under flooring, walkways, dirt mounds, and in the basement.
  • Gnawing – around doorways and the edges of window frames, plumbing and electrical outlets, and food containers.
  • Droppings – behind furniture or appliances next to walls, and other places seldom accessed for cleaning. Places where rat droppings are found are good locations for placing bait.
  • Trails – greasy looking areas along flooring, up and down stair, along pipes, and appearing as narrow trodden pathways across yards.

Our Rodent Services Include:

  • Complete inspection of the home, both inside and outside, looking for signs of rodents including borrow trails, rodent droppings, and rodent urine stains.
  • Child and pet safe treatment, including careful placement of rodent bait in areas that are non-accessible to children and pets, and non-visible.
  • Location of all rodent ingress routes, followed by thorough sealing of holes, tunnel openings, gaps under doorways, and open areas around waste pipe egress routes.

Rodent Extermination Price:

General rodent extermination starts at $125.00. Full interior and exterior extermination with entry prevention starts at $150.00. Call our office at 717-422-3916Β for more specific details.