Flea Control

Do you have a flea control problem? If so, you’re going to need a flea management specialist. We are experienced, licensed and certified pest control specialists with years of experience in flea eradication; we use the most effective pet and child safe sprays available. Remember, fleas can also infecet homes without pets. For more information call us at 717-422-3916.

Recognizing a Flea Infestation

Signs of a Flea Infestation

  1. Pet scratching or licking its skin
  2. Rapidly moving reddish insects, less than 1/8th inch, that are found between the furs of the animal’s coat
  3. Tiny fleas that can be removed with a flea comb
  4. Presence of flea feces,(flea dirt), which appears as a reddish color when an infected animal’s skin is rubbed with a wet paper towel. (The best places to rub an infected pet and observe the flea feces sign are the rump of a dog and the back, between the shoulders, of a cat.)
  5. Presence of black specs on white socks of a person walking across a flea infested area of the house.

If You See Any of These Signs or if Your Vet Tells You Your Pet has Fleas Call A # 1 Pest Control today at 717-422-3916.


Getting Fleas Out of Your Home

Getting Rid of Fleas is a Partnership Between You and the Exterminator

The Steps You Should Take

  1. Take the pet to your veterinarian, and apply the prescribed anti flea treatment to your pet; this will keep the pet flea free while you work on eradicating fleas from your house.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum the house. Be sure to vacuum under and around baseboards, beds, furniture, and carefully vacuum areas of the house where your pet spends his time.
  3. Remove the cushions from your furniture and thoroughly vacuum every nook and crevice of each piece, using the vacuum cleaner nozzle attachment to reach into narrow crevices.
  4. Have your pest control specialist treat the floor areas and furniture of your home with a special anti-flea insecticide.