Snake Control and Removal

Snakes enter homes, hunting for mice. They frequently crawl in along plumbing pipes or through other holes in the wall. The most common home invading snake in Pennsylvania is the black rat snake. The snake is large, and fearsome looking, but non-venomous. While only 2 snake species in Pennsylvania are poisonous, even non-venomous snakes will bite when grabbed improperly, so it is best to call a pest removal specialist to remove and relocate the snake.

Our Snake Control Process:

Inspection: We provide a thorough inspection inside and outside.
Identification: We identify the source of the snake infestation.
Removal and Relocation: We trap, remove and relocate any snakes if present.
Sealing: We seal snake entry points to prevent future infestation.

Because snakes usually enter homes looking for rodents, we offer complete rodent control, as needed.