Roach Control and Extermination

We offer experienced roach control services. We use chemicals with residual action so no monthly contract is required. We will come out every 3-4 months as needed. On request we will block crevices and cracks to prevent roches from entering your residence or building, and we can also apply insecticides around the building to create barriers against cockroaches. Call us for more information,  717-422-3916.


Our Cockroach Extermination Plan

  • Inspection – for bugs inside and outside,
  • Location – of the sources of the infestation,
  • Gradation – of the infestation mild, moderate or heavy and
  • Fumigation – over the affected area with a safe odorless insecticide

Our Roach Extermination Price:

Call our office for a FREE Roach Extermination quote:  717-422-3916

Roaches are one of the most loathsome and widespread of all pests. Their presence connotes filth and disease. Roaches infestations are difficult to eradicate. While in the home they spread bacteria, diseases and cause allergies. Scientists have shown that greater numbers of asthma cases are reported in areas where there are large roach infestations. Roaches like to breed in hard to reach dark crevices. They spread filth and contaminate food.

Three cockroach species are responsible for most American infestations. The German cockroach is the most prevalent roach. It is small brown and loves damp areas of the home; it prefers beds and furniture, and can fly. The Oriental cockroach is black and may reach a length of two inches. The American roach is reddish brown, averages 1.6 inches in length and lives in sewers and cellars. Whatever type of roach is infesting your home, A # 1 Pest Control has a roach extermination plan that is right for you. Call us at  717-422-3916 today.